Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Um. Um...

I'm having one of those little mini crises where I seem to be noticing an uptick in the death of my brain cells.  Other than having slacked off in my exercise pseudo-regimen (not completely but just about), I can't really point to an external set of influences that would cause this slide in IQ or mental acuity, if you will, but I'll be darned if my brain isn't considerably more dull these last couple of months.

Now, my natural inclinations would suggest that I would attribute this lull in thoughts to a rare, incurable, painful, and certainly fatal neurological condition-- probably one that only 100 people have ever been diagnosed with (thanks for that, Google).  But my hychondria prone self is not going there.  I do, however, believe the cause of this mental funk can be attributed to yet another one of my less attractive tendencies.  Laziness.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not sitting around eating bon bons (unless those are actually Dove dark chocolate Easter eggs) watching soap operas (unless you count that Once Upon a Time show while I fold laundry)...  Wait a minute, let me start this again.  Okay.  Seriously though, I'm getting stuff done. I'm volunteering, running people around to practices, school, job, etc., keeping the health department and child protective services off my doorstep, trying to keep a wide network of friends and family properly attended to while not ticking them off (#fail), etc., etc., etc.  

I have been slacking, though.  I have not been writing.  I have not been reading.  I haven't been doing a stellar job of keeping up on current events but having seen what CNN and the like consider to be breaking news, I don't feel too bad about that slip-up.  Still though, my brain has been seriously neglected.  

Sometimes, when my brain is working effortlessly (hey, it's happened) ideas just pop into my head, I go sit down and write, and voila!  It's done.  But there have been no precocious ideas bubbling their way to the surface, maybe a transient "hm...  That's interesting," but then it's gone and frankly there wasn't much there to begin with.  

So then I am faced with a dilemma, you know, like a fork in the road, sort of.  Do I let my brain go and just start a weekly habit of sniffing the peanut butter jar to self test for alzheimers ( or do I do something about the possibility of mental decline, something more than Candy Crush?   Hopefully, this post indicates I've already chosen.

I will not let my brain snore loudly into that good night, but fight and rage and all that other stuff, I hope. So, I will finish "The Goldfinch," (which I highly recommend; it's really good!), and I'll write more regularly, and I'll engage with ideas and art and all that jazz (yes, Pinterest counts) so that my brain won't bore me silly.  After all, one's mind should be an interesting companion for one's self.  Does that sound wise?  See, I'm getting smarter already.


  1. "After all, one's mind should be an interesting companion for one's self."

    That's so philosophical! (wink wink)